Aloe Vera Malta

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Aloe Vera Malta

Forever Aloe Jojoba Shampoo

Forever Aloe Jojoba Shampoo. Your hair will be shiny, soft and manageable with this pH-balanced, pure Aloe formula. Stabilized Aloe Vera gel benefits not only your hair, but your scalp as well. The gel’s properties make it a natural alternative to other shampoos, while this gentle, concentrated formula makes it suitable for all hair …

Forever Aloe Body Toner

Forever Aloe Body Toner. Beautifies body while toning and firming; Moisturizes and conditions the skin; Superb combination of herbal complexes and warming ingredients. Aloe Body Toner, a wonderfully warming and invigorating cream, is combined with the power of stabilized Aloe Vera Gel to shape and tone the skin. Formulated to be used with …

Forever A-Beta-Care

Forever A-Beta-CarE is an essential formula combining vitamins A and E, plus the antioxidant mineral Selenium. Forever A-Beta-CarE combination of nutrients, available all in one convenient product, is one of the most important complements to good health. 100 soft gels